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Welcome to Lakeland Steel.

Get the best quality and value for your business

Our vision is to offer the best quality parts possible for a particular process. By offering the ultimate accuracy and parts quality we offer our customers peace of mind and greater profitability. We do not accept compromise in parts quality by cutting corners.


We started our company in the middle of the lake district, and have since moved to the edge of the lakes in order to obtain more space for our continued expansion and to fit in larger machines.
This offers us additional advantages such as being closer to main road networks allowing us to ship our orders nationwide for next day delivery.
We are a enthusiastic hard working, dedicated team, and we enjoy what we do. We always welcome a new challenge no matter the size of the work required.

We have invested in our machinery and have taken a lot of time researching the best solution.
As a result we have just taken delivery of the latest and best technology, X-Definition plasma cutting system.
This was the first machine of it's kind installed in Europe and the cut quality is outstanding, enabling us to cut up to 50mm thick mild steel with cut outs, or 70mm without cut outs.
We also gain true hole technology to produce bolt ready holes on plasma cut parts.
We also have a Fiber laser joining us very shortly to enable extremely accurate cutting of thin plate.

All this would be no good of course, without our experienced and trained team to operate the machines and manage any customer design work or parts optimisation required.

Metals and Materials
We stock a wide range of materials from various grades of structural steel, Hardox plates, weathering steel (Cor-ten), Stainless steel in various grades, Aluminium in various grades, Brass and tread plate to name but a few.
We can usually source any material required to order if it's a little more exotic than we usually hold in stock.
Likewise we also have a good understanding of all our materials so can help advise on these features.

We have a team of designers who can make your part designs for you, or optimise your own parts.
The team is fully trained in a variety of software including Esprit Procut 2017, Adobe Illustrator, Fusion 360 and many others.

Get in touch!
Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss a project or production requirement.
You can find all the details at this page.

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