Swirl Drain Guard 10"/25cm Square Rustproof Stainless Steel Cover Plate Grate

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Rustproof Stainless Steel Drain Covers

25 x 25cm ( 10" x 10") square drain cover made from 3mm thick stainless steel.

The unique design will stop leaves from blocking your drains, or strengthen existing plastic covers.

If you're not happy with your drain cover from us, we will give you your money back upon its return for up to 6 months!
Keep drains clear of leaves - and save yourself endless problems with blockages and overflows.

Our stainless steel Swirl Guard sits over any standard drain grill, enabling water to flow freely while it 'sieves' out leaves and debris for easy disposal.

A small price to pay compared to the cost of clearing a blocked drain!

Improve the appearance of your drains whilst guarding against blockages.

Stainless steel and rustproof.

20 long slots permit water to escape rapidly while leaving everything else behind.

Simply position over drain, No fixing required

Lakeland Steel
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