Stegosaurus Metal steel dinosaur kit/model/ornament/garden/puzzle

10 days
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Just like the wooden ones you've built before, but much bigger, and much stronger in steel! This kit can be assembled without the need for welding or sticking together and is quite stable once complete.

Of course if you want a really permanent structure we suggest having it welded together, although you could also stick this with epoxy resin if you don't have welding facilities to hand. These metal kits make great ornaments and sculptures around the house, or garden. Or of course it's just great fun to build and re-build!

Material: 3mm hot rolled steel

Alternative materials: Stainless steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Mild steel, Special order materials please contact us.

Alternative thickness: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3,0mm, 5.0mm* (Models 4 feet and over in length only).

Our Dinosaurs are brand new and manufactured by ourselves here in the UK. All they need is a new home and a name!

The pictured model is a 3mm hot rolled mild steel, it will rust/tarnish outdoors for that added dinosaur look and possibly indoors over time giving a great garden ornament colouring and style.

All our dinosaurs are packaged in air tight postage bags with silica gel, so will arrive still nice and bright. If you want to maintain that look then there are a lot of clear lacquerers and finishes you can apply to the steal to achieve that.

We can also supply this dinosaur in Stainless steel at either 1.5mm or 3.0mm, materials and construction costs are higher with these versions however.

They won't rust though. We also stock many other models, and kits, if you can't find what you want please just drop us a message and we will almost certainly be able to supply it for you in the material and size of your choice within 4-5 days.

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