Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Questions we get asked a lot.
Here are a few of the common queries we get asked often, however if there is something you want to know that we have missed, please do get in touch.

Where are you based?
We operate from the west of Cumbria, UK in a small town called Millom. Everything we make is produced here in the UK. For full details please visit our contact page by clicking here.

How much is shipping?
We always offer a free shipping service for all our items. This is usually a 48 hour service, however this will often arrive next day. 24-hour and express services such as AM deliveries and pre 10:30am are charged as extras at checkout. Please check our shipping page for full details by clicking here.

Can you make my custom parts?
Yes, we certainly can. We have a state of the art industrial XPR definition Plasma machine and a Fiber laser for cutting metal parts. The XPR Plasma is the latest and best technology and we were fortunate to be the first in Europe to have one.
Please email us your files in DXF format, or a drawing with dimensions by visiting our contact page and we will get back to you quickly. Contact us by clicking
If you want to know more about our machinery then please visit our machines page.

Can you design parts for me?
Yes, we have a in house team of two designers who are fully trained with CAD/CAM. For further details please contact us here.

How soon will I get my order?
We always ship orders as soon as we can. This is usually within 1 working day. However there are some exceptions.
1. Custom drain covers.
These can take up to 9-12 days if painted and 3 days unpainted to dispatch as a general worst case timescale. We would love to speed this up, however no matter how long I watch, the paint never dries fast enough.
2. Large orders.
Very large orders may take a few extra days typically to dispatch.
If in doubt, please contact us to enquire on a accurate timescale prior to order, you can contact us here.

I need a specialist steel cutting, can you deal with this?
Yes we can. We do stock some special steels, but we are always happy to bring most materials into stock for special orders. Sometimes there may be a higher than usual minimum order charge. But do get in touch and we can arrange a quote for you. Our contact page and details are here.

Can you mark the centre of my plate (or specific points)?
This is no problem. Both our Plasma and Laser have plate marking capability and are extremely accurate.
Please add your requirements to the order notes. If it's only a few marks we will do this free of charge, or contact you if a small surcharge is required in the case of complicated designs or large numbers of markings.

I need some parts really fast, can I pick them up today?
We can do this in most cases. Give us a call or email and we will let you know the timescale.

Can I come and discuss my project with you in person?
Absolutely, we'd love you to pop in. Please let us know in advance if possible so we can arrange a time and date with you.

Can you fabricate my design?
We do not currently undertake fabrication work. We are focused on cutting metal sheet and plates for both high precision and cost effective supply.

How thick can you cut?
We have more details on our machines page, however we are able to cut with pierces (cut outs) up to 50mm thick mild steel plate, and 70mm without cut outs.

Isn't plasma low quality?
Some plasma systems can be relatively low quality in relation to a laser. However our XPR plasma is the latest technology and the edge quality of the cuts is close to that of a laser with the added benefit it can cut thicker and faster than a laser.
There is a vast difference between a high end industrial plasma system, and a entry level air based plasma. Our XPR Plasma also has the benefit of True Hole technology offering bolt or tap ready holes from 1x the material thickness.
We can send you a cut sample, or you are welcome to come and have a demonstration of the machine. Please contact us
here to discuss further.
The main aspect to consider is a laser has a finer kerf (cutting diameter) and will produce better very fine detail.

What can I do if I have a problem with my order?
Please get in touch with us and we will make sure we resolve the issue for you.
Our contact page and details are here.

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